Use the power of psychology to completely transform your eating, physical activity, weight & body image!

Do you want to:

✔︎  Eat well (without trying so hard)?

✔︎  Find joy in moving your body? (it is possible!)

✔︎  Let go of self-criticism and learn to LOVE your body healthy?

✔︎  Free yourself from ‘thinsanity’ and live the awesome life you are meant to live?

Do you want to:

✔︎  Eat well (without trying so hard)?

✔︎  Find joy in moving your body? (it is possible!)

✔︎  Let go of self-criticism and learn to LOVE your body healthy?

✔︎  Free yourself from ‘thinsanity’ and live the awesome life you are meant to live?



The Transformation Support Community is a member-only support group lead by specialist psychologist, Glenn Mackintosh especially for people who want close support with transforming their eating, physical activity, weight and body image!

The ‘TSC’, as we lovingly call it, features:

✔︎  Weekly LIVE webinars with Glenn, his expert team, and special guests!*

✔︎  Access to the entire Twelve Month Transformation Online (value over $4,000)

✔︎  Access to the Complete Reprogramming Series audio programs (value $360)

✔︎  Member-only Facebook community with our expert Transformation Support Coaches


✔︎  Huge (and growing!) library of historical webinar series

✔︎  Optional Accountability Buddies – NEW!

✔︎  One-on-One ‘Pathway to Success’ Sessions with our fully registered psychs – NEW!

✔︎  Built in App to take your program with you wherever you go – NEW!


✔︎  Rewire your brain with the power of neuroscience

✔︎   Break unwanted habits for good

✔︎  Create new habits for life

✔︎  Stop struggling with weight

✔︎  Transform your life

(12-week series, featuring world leading habits expert, Dr. Gina Cleo starts August 1st  registrations open now!)

(Before and after photos promote a negative body image so you will NEVER find them on our website!)

Tanya Lazarevich

"I’m so happy with the changes I’ve made with the TSC program. I no longer wake up thinking about how I have to do better with my eating today so that I can lose weight (i.e. eat all good foods and no bad foods). It’s so liberating not having those thoughts any more. Instead I wake up thinking about the things I get to do that day! I’m much more accepting of myself for who I am, including my physical appearance. I’ve so much more respect for my body and all the wonderful things it does to keep me moving each and every day. It’s been a real blessing to set goals that I can actually achieve most of the time. This in turn helps me feel so much better about myself. Thanks Glenn for all the support. "

Kelly Cochrane

"In the 5 short weeks that I’ve been a part of the TSC it has helped me to begin to shift a long-held belief that I could never change. A belief that was forged from 20+ years of dieting, self-hatred and misleading promises. The skills are simple and straightforward and SO powerful. The connection with the other participants and Glenn feels so genuine and sincere. I love the pace of the weekly webinars, the information and skills are so thorough and even if I don’t make it live, I can still listen in my own time. Consistency has never been my strength, but I’m still listening, I’m still doing the homework and now I genuinely believe things can and will be different for me! I’ve found the place where I can heal and grow.  I will never be able to thank Glenn and his team enough!"

Taryn Kelly

"After being overweight most of my life, my health was steadily deteriorating. Last year I underwent bariatric surgery in a last ditch attempt to turn things around. The weight started falling off easily but I realised that I still needed to address my mental health. At this point I heard about Glenn’s Thinsanity audiobook which I listened to and loved, and then decided to join the Transformation Support Community to help put the Thinsanity ideas into practice. TSC has quickly become an important part of my life. I feel guided and supported, but never pressured. I can work through the resources at my own pace and all week I look forward to checking in with everyone at the webinars. My focus has shifted from obsessing over the number on the scales to improving my mindset and nurturing my wellbeing. I know the work I am doing in TSC is forming the foundation for long-term change and I would recommend it for anyone who believes that they should be on a diet."

Penny Vickers

"During my TSC journey: I stopped dieting. Okay … I slipped back into diet mode every now and then but only for a few days until I remembered how horrible it is. I eat as much chocolate as I want, as often as I want, and I enjoy it mindfully (I can’t remember the last time I ate a whole block - this used to happen all the time.) I’m a regular exerciser. I enjoy mountain hiking, walking with friends, yogalates and lifting weights. I can get cranky and feel yucky if I miss a training session. Seriously! I no longer think constantly about food. I eat until I’m satisfied and then eat again when I’m hungry. I used to hate how parts of my body looked and constantly adjusted my clothing. Now I accept my body and love how I feel in my clothes. I’ve even rediscovered my love for fashion and reconnected with my personal style - I constantly receive comments that I look great! Oh, and yeah, I have dropped dress sizes as a result of the above. Bonus side effect! All this because I’ve been armed with bucketloads of evidence-based information and transformational mindset exercises that are in the TSC. All I did was sign up, attend the webinars, and put lots of effort into completing my homework. I’m still doing my homework. I’m still improving."




Price $120.00/mth




If you don’t LOVE this program within 30 days I’ll give you 100% of your money back. I’ve been academically researching the psychology of eating, exercise, weight, and body-image for over 15 years, and I only recommend strategies scientifically-proven to work long-term. More importantly, I’ve spent well over 10,000 hours face-to-face helping clients just like you completely transform their lives, so I know how to give you everything you need to make these ideas work in real life. In fact, if you complete the work in this program and you HAVEN’T transformed your mindset, habits, or health I’ll give you your money back ANYTIME (and I’ll even send you our Complete Reprogramming Audio Series for FREE). So what have you got to lose (apart from an endless struggle with your weight)?

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Still not convinced?

Unlike other programs, we want you to see ...


We want you to see our general results (and not just the success stories).

Believing in good science, we are involved in an ongoing process of researching our programs. Here are some recent findings from our Twelve Month Transformation program.

(Note, the Transformation Support Community is a new-and-improved version of the Twelve Month Transformation, and includes access to the entire Twelve Month Transformation program, so the results you can expect from the Transformation Support Community are even better than this!).

Changes to psychology of eating and exercise

Participants’ relationships with food and physical activity improved in every way we measured.

Changes in Body Image

Participants’ body images improved in every way we measured.

Changes in Psychological Wellbeing

Participants' negative moods reduced and their self-esteem improved.

Change in Dieting Mindset

glenn mackintosh signature

TMT participants’ dieting mentality reduced by 56%.
A lower dieting mindset results in less obsession with food, binge eating, disordered eating and yo-yo dieting. Participants' dieting mindset began higher than the average person but ended up lower.

Change in Intuitive Eating

change in intuitive eating

TMT participants’ level of intuitive eating “normalized”.
Intuitive eaters eat well without effort. Higher scores are linked with listening to hunger and fullness, less over-eating when not hungry, lower weight, and better long-term weight management.

Changes in Difficulty Controlling Overeating

glenn mackintosh signature

TMT participants started finding it more difficult to control overeating than the average person
but ended up finding it significantly less difficult.

Change in Exercise Confidence

glenn mackintosh signatureTMT participants’ exercise confidence increased by 26%.
Participants went from being on-and-off exercisers to regular exercisers.

Changes in Body Image

TMT participants became more body-positive in every way we measured.

glenn mackintosh signature

Changes in Psychological Wellbeing

glenn mackintosh signature

TMT participants' levels of stressed, depressed and anxious moods reduced,
and their self-esteem increased.

Changes in Weight

TMT participants lost weight.

While almost everyone joining our programs wants to lose weight, this is NOT the focus of the programs. We have had success stories who have lost over 40 kilograms, many who lose a small to moderate amount of weight, and even people who’s weight remains stable that we consider successes. As weight loss approaches tend to be ineffective (and potentially harmful) in the long-term, the focus of the Twelve Month Transformation - and the Transformation Support Community - is on improving your relationship with food, movement, and your body. Our programs are for people who want to truly transcend the diet mentality and transform their mindsets, habits, and overall wellbeing forever.


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Please watch this live recorded webinar**, where I explain the details of the program and answers any questions you may have! The 100 Founding Members I called for have already joined the program and, together, we’ve been busy making the program the best it can possibly be for you! The best thing? You still get access to the program at a heavily discounted rate!


Price $120.00/mth





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