The 90-Day TRANCEformation
Audio Program

TRANCEform the way you eat, move and feel in just 15 minutes a day!

✔︎  Unlock your unconscious with the power of hypnotherapy

✔︎  Transcend self-sabotage & make transformation easy

 ✔︎  Achieve larger & longer lasting results


Experience The Power Of Binaural Tones

Scientifically-created sounds enhance your hypnotisability – TRANCEform more fully, more deeply, and more quickly than ever before (even if you haven’t been hypnotisable in the past!)

Featuring Expert Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

Glenn Mackintosh is a highly experienced hypnotherapist, psychologist, and bestselling author – TRANCEform with someone who understands the psychology of eating, physical activity, weight, and body image!

Combining Hypnotherapy & Intuitive Eating

Both hypnotherapy and non-diet approaches work better than traditional weight loss approaches – TRANCEform with the only resource in the world that combines them both!

Member TRANCEformation Stories


I have definitely noticed a change around the mindless eating of less nutritious food. I used to ALWAYS look for something sweet to have with a cuppa & munch away mindlessly. However, I have noted that this is no longer happening & I have not even had to make a conscious choice to change this behaviour. It almost seems to have been “too easy”! 


WOW! I am awestruck by how effective the hypnosis 'tapes' are. Let me share just ONE example, this morning I did my usual prayer, meditation, and then put the session about reducing screen time on. Instead of going back to sleep and later dragging myself out of bed and sitting transfixed in front of the TV, I had brekky and then hung out the washing and put another load on – win! Then I WALKED up the street to the shops – the dog is still in shock I think!


I’m feeling fabulous and very motivated, and I’ve lost 5 kilos so far. I believe in the process because if I can become as enthusiastic about exercise as I have become, then miracles can happen! I’m also eating lots of veggies, drinking lots of water, and have even cut back significantly on wine.

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Lifetime access to Glenn’s 12-Week TRANCEformational Hypnotherapy Webinar Series – where he personally takes you through his favourite hypnoses, relaxations, and creative visualisations that he does with clients.




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   Lifetime Access!

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   App + Program Journal!

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If you don’t LOVE this program within 30 days I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

I’ve been academically researching the psychology of eating, physical activity, weight, and body-image for over 20 years, and The 90-Day TRANCEformation Audio Program was especially created to bring you the latest in scientific advancements!

Moreover, I’ve spent well over 10,000 hours doing face-to-face hypnotherapy with clients and creating TRANCEformational hypnotherapy programs for people just like you, so I know how to help you unlock your unconscious and make transformation easy with the power of hypnotherapy.

In fact, if you complete this program and you haven’t TRANCEformed the way you eat, move, or feel I’ll give you your MONEY BACK ANYTIME (and I’ll even send you our Complete Reprogramming Audio Series for FREE). So what have you got to lose (apart from an endless struggle with your unwanted habits)?

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